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RK Anthony

Don't listen to the hype.

There's a lot of misinformation about "hacks" and "formulas" and other misguided attempts to write great copy and content...


You can't "hack" your way into a great piece of sales copy (or any type of writing for that matter). Templates, cheat sheets, and blueprints are all going to send your customers and readers to one place...

As far away from you as possible.

Here's the truth:

Writing is a hard-earned skill.

You can either put in the time to learn to write well—or hire out. 

R. K. Anthony

I'm a direct-response copywriter and content marketing specialist. 

I can help you write the best content you've ever written for product launches, your blog, an ebook, or any other place you need great writing.

This definitely ain't Fiverr.

RK Anthony

My Certifications

  • R. K. Anthony AWAI
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