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Do you feel like your manuscript or resume needs to be reviewed and edited by a professional writer? Or are you looking to add more “pop” to your professional speech?

Now you can have a professional writer on your team to edit your next writing project…so you can gain more authority in your niche, “wow” your audience, or land your dream job.

How Can Professional Editing Services Help You?

Whether you need someone to edit your manuscript, format an ebook for Kindle, or make your professional resume sparkle, a professional editor can find common writing issues that make you sound less like yourself.

Many people believe “getting everything on paper” will automatically sound good if you just try to sound like yourself. But in reality, the way we think and the way we write are two different communication styles.

If you’re having trouble sounding like yourself (or sounding too much like yourself!) and want to sound more professional, more honest, and even more persuasive—a professional writer can uproot sluggish phrases or organizational problems in your writing…so you can make the best first impression on your audience.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Editor

  • Organize your writing for cohesiveness

  • Carve out your natural voice

  • Format your content to industry standards

  • Strengthen the persuasiveness of your arguments

  • Gain more authority in your niche by sounding more polished and professional

Editing and Formatting Projects

(Not an exhaustive list)

  • Speech Writing
  • Dissertation, Thesis, or Proposal Editing
  • Admissions Essay Editing
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Ebook Formatting
  • Business or Corporate Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Prewriting Strategy
  • Academic Editing
  • Resume Editing
  • Personal Memoir Editing
  • Executive Profile Editing
  • Website Editing
  • Ghostwriting

Why R.K. Anthony?

There are a lot of editing and formatting services out there...but they're not all equal.

When you're dealing with your voice and your credibility, you want someone who has ability to make you sound more professional and more intelligent. The last thing you want to do is "edit the editor."

As a natural-born US citizen with American English as my first language, I have more foundational knowledge about American culture, idioms, customs, and writing style.

This is something many people overlook (often too late) when they seek writing services overseas.

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