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Hiring a Facebook ad copywriter can give you you a serious boost in offer awareness and overall conversions.

If you need to run traffic to your offer right away, Facebook ads are the best option for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get fast results.

But getting your ads to influence a response isn’t easy. And without the right targeting strategy, you’re throwing money out the window by serving ads to the wrong audience.

Stop wasting money on ads that aren’t converting…and finally get the results you’re looking for.

What Does a Facebook Ad Copywriter Do?

I manage everything related to your Facebook ads: creatives, copy, targeting, and optimization. You won’t have to do anything with your Facebook ads.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

  • Increased offer awareness

  • Leverage Facebook's massive audience

  • Fastest way to get immediate sales for new products

  • Perfect lead generation starting point

  • Create ads that are highly-targeted for your ideal audience

Who Is This Service Perfect For?

This service is perfect for you if you have:

  • No experience writing and managing Facebook ads and just needs someone to “handle it”
  • Some experience with Facebook ads but want better results
  • Great experience with Facebook ads but don’t have the time to manage them

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