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A Facebook ad copywriter can make your ad problems go away.

If you need traffic, Facebook ads are the best option for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get leads and conversions fast.

But getting your ads to influence your audience isn't easy. And without the right targeting strategy, you're basically throwing money out the window serving ads to the wrong audience.

Facebook ads have so many variables that affect performance, it's not a bad idea to hire an expert. But it's an even better idea to hire an expert who can do everything from writing the ad copy to optimizing campaigns in the ads manager. 

What Does a Facebook Ad Copywriter Do?

  • Create the overall angle of your campaign
  • Define the target audience in the Facebook ads manager
  • Create the overall campaign structure in the Facebook ads manager
  • Pull tactics from a "secret playbook" of campaign strategies for various marketing goals
  • Write the ad copy to call out your audience and engage them for conversions
  • Find images that are relevant and attention-grabbing
  • Run the campaign and monitor key performance indicators
  • Optimize the campaigns for better conversions and click-through rates

Benefits of Facebook Ad Copywriting 

  • You'll have a more optimized campaign at the start...so you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars trying to optimize bad ad copy
  • One of the top concerns people have about their Facebook ads is the ad copy...so hiring a Facebook ad copywriter will give you confidence that your copy will be targeted, unique, and persuasive
  • You won't have to hire multiple people to do your Facebook ads...you can get the entire campaign done from start to finish by one person
  • Not sure how to present your product or service to a mass audience? Having a copywriter on board means you get an extensive market research protocol to figure out the best way to present your offer...for maximum engagement and conversion

Project Types

  • Ad campaigns for new product or service launches
  • Direct-response ad campaigns
  • Book launches
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Content-to-product funnels
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Optimize existing campaigns
  • Announcement ads
  • Local ads
  • Viral content

Who is This Service Perfect For?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to sell a new product or service to a new market segment
  • Business owners looking to lower the cost-per-click on current campaigns
  • Influencers looking to create viral blog posts or videos
  • Authors launching a self-published book 
  • Small business owners looking to get more local customers at their brick-and-mortar stores

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