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Are you looking for ghostwriting services to help you write your next book?

Do you need to write articles to spread awareness of your brand—but don't have time to write them yourself?

With a ghostwriter, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a published author—without ever writing a single word.

What Are Ghostwriting Services?

Ghostwriting is more than just writing the words for your next project. It also includes:

  • Interviewing and researching your book ideas
  • Planning and outlining your book
  • Strategy planning to optimize future marketing efforts
  • Writing the book
  • Revisions based on your goals
  • Professional editing to make sure your project is free of spelling and grammar errors
  • Formatting your project for final digital or print publication
  • Project management for book cover design and final book launch
  • For completed manuscripts, consulting and feedback options are also available

Benefits of Ghostwriting Services

  • Personalized service with a dedicated writer so your project is unique and cohesive from start to finish
  • You get to focus on the vision and goal of your project without having to spend several hours per day writing
  • If you're a professional speaker, ghostwriting a book will give you an amazing lead generation tool to give away or sell at conferences—without needing to write the book yourself
  • If you write articles for online or print publications, but can't increase your output any further, ghostwriting will increase your output of articles as if you had cloned yourself
  • You keep 100% ownership of the written content...just as if you had written it yourself
  • Ghostwriting is 100% confidential...which means no one has to know your book was written by a professional writer
  • If you already have a manuscript written, you can start with ghostwriting services anyway and get third-party editing to improve the quality of your project
  • No research? No problem! My ghostwriting services include researching the topic of your project and keeping a list of sources for maximum credibility and authority 
  • Interviews can be done 100% online over Skype, Zoom, or by phone so you can get your project done amidst a busy lifestyle
  • You can have as little or as much interaction with the writing process as you'd like, so you can maintain a comfortable level of control or freedom over your project
  • Regular milestone reviews are scheduled throughout the writing process to make sure your vision of the project is preserved

Project Types

  • Ebook writing service
  • Book series
  • Online and print publications
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Memoir/Autobiography
  • Self-help
  • Non-fiction
  • Business and corporate

Who is This Service Perfect For?

  • Entrepreneur looking to increase authority and credibility with a book
  • Individuals who have ideas for books but don't have time to put one together
  • Corporate professionals who give speeches frequently

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