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“It was fantastic having R. K. Anthony on our project. The copy he wrote was inspired, original, and most importantly effective. I personally value character as much as results, and R. K. proved to have both.”

~ Ali Granados, Executive Producer of Afterisk Inc.

“Triumph Communications has been utterly delighted to call on R. K. Anthony for his excellent writing services. In fact, our project manager has, on multiple occasions, wished he had a clone we could add to our team. His writing style is engaging, he is extraordinarily prompt and professional, and he really gets what we’re trying to do with each piece we assign.”

~ Susan Anderson, CEO of Triumph Communications

“R. K. Anthony’s personality was very open and professional. I was nervous getting on the phone with him as I wasn’t confident about the quality or content of my website, but he put me at ease very quickly. The call was fun and informative. I was pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of the PDF file that was delivered. It included text and diagrams that made the suggested changes to my copy very easy to understand.”

~ Sherri Simpson, Life Coach at Your Life Transformation

“I came across a quote not too long ago that says “friends don’t let friends write copy alone” and I couldn’t agree more. I had been struggling for months to write the copy for my website and R.K. gave me the perspective & insight I needed to pull myself out of my head and finally find the words to articulate myself both authentically and strategically. Thank you so much!!!”

~ Whitney Lee, Business Coach

“R. K. is an amazing good copywriter. Before I talked to him, I had my website, but I really wasn’t sure about my About page. After talking to him, I did some radical changes on my copy. The biggest help was the strategy part. R. K. made it very clear for me, he helped me with a structure, vocabulary, and he inspired me to change my copy. I got so many compliments on my website. If you need copy, then R. K. is the right person. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and my business partners.”

~ Carla Jovic, CEO of Life by Design Institute

“R.K. Anthony gave me very valuable insights into the big picture of copywriting strategy, as well as finely tuned details. Copywriting is an ongoing evolution as you develop your brand. Brainstorming with him was awesome and his expertise really helped me refine the delivery and clarification of my message.”

~ Donnamarie Jurick, Mindset coach at ExperienceMindsetChange.com